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May 11, 2022 View:

How To Solve The Small Water Output Of Sludge Rotary Lobe Pump

In general, the sludge lobe pump water output is too small, not only will affect the final magnetic suction performance, but also may back to cause the engine temperature is too high, then, for the sludge lobe pump water output is small how we can solve the problem?

I. Check the impeller slit

In the process of using the sludge lobe pump, if the product is used for too long it may be easy to have some loose situations caused by the impeller, but once the gap is bigger, then this will affect the original water storage of the whole equipment. At the same time will also cause these equipment by the phenomenon of damage occurred, but in the face of these situations, we had better be able to look at the entire equipment of the shell replacement tendency, the best to be able to do them a new round of adjustment.

II. Impeller track replacement

The impeller track is relatively important, because very often if a replacement is to be carried out, it is particularly easy to cause the impeller of the sludge pump to loosen, or the gap in the machine itself is too large. This will affect the original water output and will cause the whole machine to be injured. In the face of these situations, it is advisable to be able to replace the housing.

III. Changing product models

Changing the product type can make a difference in some way, so if the sludge lobe pump itself has a relatively small output, it is important to consider whether the product type is suitable.

These are the three solutions to the low water output of sludge lobe pumps, I hope you will find them helpful.