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May 11, 2022 View:

How To Solve The Vibration Of The Rotary Lobe Pump Explosion-Proof Motor

lobe pump explosion-proof motors produce vibrations that not only reduce winding insulation, shorten bearing life and loosen welding joints; they may also cause mechanical damage to the load and reduce accuracy; loose or broken ground bolts; and abnormal wear of brushes and collector rings. So, what are the causes of explosion-proof motor vibration? What kind of solutions are available? Today Ace lobe pumps are here to introduce them to you.

Causes of vibration in explosion-proof motors

1. The larger vibration of the mechanical load is transmitted to the explosion-proof motor so that the explosion-proof motor is forced to vibrate.

2. The rubber on the coupling bolt between the explosion-proof motor and the mechanical load is seriously worn, or there is a tight force on one side.

3. The centre between the explosion-proof motor and the mechanical load is poorly calibrated, or the shaft of the explosion-proof motor is bent.

4. The foundation is not strong enough, when the foundation also vibrates together. Or the footing is broken and the footing bolts are not tightened.

5. Unbalanced three-phase power supply.

6. The bearings are worn and the clearance of the bearings exceeds the permissible value.

7, poor coaxiality of rotor and stator, uneven air gap; or the end cover bolts are not tightened; or the rotor of the explosion-proof motor is not balanced.

8, stator iron core assembly is not tight, this is accompanied by a strong electromagnetic sound.

9. The cage rotor copper bars have a high number of fractures or open welds.

Solutions when the explosion-proof motor generates vibrations

The effect of surrounding components on the explosion-protected motor should be checked before uncoupling the coupling and allowing the explosion-protected motor to idle. If there is no vibration when idling, the vibration is due to the centreline of the explosion-protected motor shaft not being aligned with the mechanical load shaft, or to a fault in the mechanical load.

If the explosion-proof motor still vibrates when idling, it is due to the explosion-proof motor itself. The power supply can be cut off in the judgment. If the vibration disappears immediately after the power is cut off, it is electromagnetic vibration, the fault may be winding parallel branch disconnection, bearing damage, uneven air gap gap, etc.. If the power is cut off still vibrate, it is mechanical vibration, such as unbalanced rotor, bearing damage, etc.