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May 11, 2022 View:

How To Use The Rotary Lobe Pump More Power Saving

How can I use a rotor pump to save more power? Today Ace lobe pump's for you to compile a few power saving measures, I hope you can help!

1. High-efficiency power-saving rotary lobe pumps and high-efficiency low-loss motors are used, and the efficiency of the transmission should be improved.

2、Correctly select the power of the lobe pump motor. Prevent large horse-drawn carriage. Replace the lobe pump motor with too large a capacity. When the motor power is much larger than the actual need, use the method of replacing the motor to save power.

3, choose a reasonable head. When the head of the lobe pump leaves too much excess, it will waste electricity, so the head of the operating point of the lobe pump should be reasonably determined.

4、Reduce the resistance of the pipeline. Eliminate redundant pipe fittings and unnecessary bends and sharp angles on the pipeline to reduce the resistance of the pipeline and reduce the unit power consumption of the transported water. Methods of reducing pipeline resistance include.

①. The pipe design should be reasonable.

②, increase the pipe diameter or use double pipe drainage to reduce the flow rate.

③. Shorten the length of pipes as much as possible, reduce joints, elbows and valves, and especially avoid sharp angles.

④, improve the finish of the inner wall of the pipe or add a coating.

⑤. Timely removal of dirt from the inner walls of the pipes.

5、lobe pump speed control power saving. The power consumption of the lobe pump is proportional to the cubic speed of the unit, so change the speed of the unit according to the actual required load condition. Can greatly save electricity. The use of pump speed control measures, the initial investment is larger, but the power saving effect is significant, especially for large-capacity pumps. Note that the larger the head, the flatter the resistance curve, even if the speed changes slightly, the flow rate will change significantly, and the power saving effect is poor.

6、Transform the impeller of the pump. When the flow of the pump in use is larger than the actual required flow, and can not use speed control or speed control device is not cost effective, the original pump impeller can be cut a section or replace the impeller to reduce the flow and reduce the head, in order to reduce the operating power consumption of the pump.