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May 14, 2022 View:

How about lobe type double rotor pump How effective is the product

The lobe double lobe pump is widely used in many different places because it is a multi-purpose product, so it can be better used in the field of petrochemicals or fine chemicals. How does the product work?

globe pump

One, the working principle of the product

The lobe double lobe pump is a product and equipment manufactured after years of research and domestic and international technology. The product is able to meet similar technical standards at home and abroad in terms of professional manufacturing or manufacturing precision.

II. Product Features

The lobe double lobe pump can be effectively driven by two synchronized rotors with external synchronized gears in the process of actual use, and the rotors can do synchronized reverse rotation driven by the drive shaft. This can effectively constitute a high vacuum or discharge pressure, and is particularly suitable for the transport of media in the pharmaceutical world or corrosive higher viscosity media.

Three, the scope of application of the product

The cam type double lobe pump in the use of the process is suitable for those petrochemical, mechanical chemical or daily chemical fields. It can also be used in paper, resin, ink and metallurgy, and is particularly suitable for replacing imported pumps, and has been well received by most customers.

The lobe double lobe pump will provide better results in actual use, as it is particularly suitable for use at different media temperatures or conditions, and the number and size of particles contained in the media will vary. The product can be selected for each interface, even in terms of technical parameters, to provide better results.