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May 18, 2022 View:

How do lobe lobe pump manufacturers really achieve complete online maintenance

The lobe lobe pump manufacturer is really how to achieve completely online maintenance cam lobe pump to deal with manure sewage, simple maintenance methods, comprehensive use of low cost, manure sewage in the livestock industry, agricultural farming industry, dairy enterprises in the farm is a common need to deal with the media, mainly animal manure water, granules, long flocculent composition, water content is generally between 96% -99%, bio-energy industry -Between 96% and 99%, more and more similar projects in the bioenergy industry are using lobe lobe pumps. The rotor of the lobe lobe pump is rubber covered, which mainly plays the following roles: 1. Strong self-priming, no water diversion device: The manure sewage treatment process requires vertical self-priming, generally between 5-6 meters, and up to 7 meters at low speed. 2, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant: rubber-covered material rotor, chemical properties of corrosion-resistant, cam lobe pump long service life, long cycle of replacement of wearing parts. 3, no winding, non-clogging: lobe lobe pump import and export wide, long flocculent, animal hair will not block the import and export of the pump. 4, simple installation, easy maintenance. Easy maintenance: when replacing the rotor and mechanical seal, there is no need to remove the pump from the pipeline, no need to separate it from the motor, just open the pump cover, which really realizes complete online maintenance. For the safety of operation, the lobe lobe pump is also equipped with a pressure alarm device to ensure that the operating pressure is controlled below the set value to ensure the safety of equipment operation. Cam lobe pump is a volumetric pump with low speed, strong pumping capacity, mixed transmission of gas, liquid and solid, and low requirement of filtering impurities. It has many applications in the field of extraction, storage and transportation, and refining of crude oil.