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May 14, 2022 View:

How does the rotor pump work

Guide: The lobe pump is a multi-purpose bi-directional volume pump manufactured using advanced foreign technology, because there is a large gap between the pump and the rotor, so there is basically no friction. And you should know, in fact, in mechanical equipment constantly produce friction, it will take into account the possibility of this friction caused by the shortening of mechanical life. So when the lobe pump pump and the rotor to maintain a certain interval between the phenomenon of this frictionless, to ensure that the life of the lobe pump is extended. So, how exactly does a lobe pump work?

lobe pump

1, working principle

The lobe lobe pump actually

The lobe lobe pump relies on two synchronized but reversing rotors to produce suction during the rotation of the rotors, and then the material to be conveyed is sucked into the pump by this suction.

2. Working sequence

The pump generally has two rotors, which divide the rotor chamber into four small spaces. Then the four small spaces are called, for example, and when the medium reaches the second chamber, the second chamber will close part of the medium and then push it to the third chamber, and so on to the discharge port. And this process, because of the rotor, gives a very good vacuum in this space.

The lobe pump works and works in roughly the same order as described above, so it's not much of a surprise when you find that this lobe pump has a better vacuum. Because of the working principle of this pump, this vacuum effect will work very well.