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May 18, 2022 View:

How good is the self-priming ability of the lobe lobe pump

Whether a lobe lobe pump has self-priming capability depends on its rotor material. The rubber covered rotor of the lobe lobe pump has a self-priming capability of 0.084 vacuum.
0.084 means that the vertical self-priming capacity of clear water can reach 8.5 meters without considering piping losses. lobe pumpThe self-priming capability of the cam lobe pump can solve the problem of many pumps, such as centrifugal pumps, slurry pumps, hose pumps, etc., which have no self-priming capability or self-priming capability The self-priming capability of lobe lobe pumps can solve the problem of many pumps, such as centrifugal pumps, slurry pumps, hose pumps, etc. that have no self-priming capability, or insufficient self-priming capability, or pumps that sacrifice other conditions because of self-priming capability.
We briefly introduce it by industry.
Petroleum and petrochemical industry, similar to oily sewage self-priming, oil tank bottom oil cleaning, unloading truck sweeping warehouse, sweeping line process all need pumps with good self-priming capacity.
Oil-contaminated sewage pumping process, the requirement for self-priming capacity is generally 6-7 meters. In the storage and transportation process of sweeping warehouse, sweeping line, the presence of media residue at the bottom of the tank, resulting in a state of mixed transport of gas, liquid, so in the self-priming ability at the same time, gas-liquid mixed transport is also the characteristics of the lobe lobe pump to meet customer requirements.
Gas-liquid mixed transmission requires gas-liquid mixed transmission in a short period of time because the liquid becomes less and there is gas transmission, so the lobe lobe pump can meet the requirements.
For other chemical solutions, such as ethanol, methanol, ethylene and other more complex chemical media, as long as you can choose rubber covered rotor (material has FPM, NBR, EPDM) can achieve self-priming, but in the selection, pay attention not to choose too high speed can be.
The lobe lobe pump embodies a greater advantage in the petroleum and petrochemical industry, which can * reflect its characteristics, then in municipal sewage plants, biogas digestate, energy, paper, pumping integration and other industries more than under the painting.
For example, the sewage plant sedimentation tank sludge pump, residual sludge, reflux sludge, mud discharge, sand suction pump.
The water plant PAM, PAC, and membrane treatment industry, manure effluent, river dredging can all be used cam lobe pumps.