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May 14, 2022 View:

How is the self-priming ability of non-clogging rotor pump

As lobe pump continue to evolve, the number of industries and fields that need them is increasing, which is actually a very good trend. But when choosing a non-clogging lobe pump, you also need to consider the self-priming capacity and routine maintenance, not just the price of the product. So what is the self-priming capability of the non-clogging lobe pump? Is it difficult to maintain on a daily basis?

lobe pump

One, the self-priming capability of the lobe pump is very strong

Because the design process of the non-clogging lobe pump is strong enough, the self-priming capability of this lobe pump is very strong. Even if there are small particles while working, it will not affect the normal operation of the equipment. Moreover, the self-priming ability of the lobe pump is related to the rotational speed. The faster the rotational speed of the equipment, the stronger the self-priming ability. On the contrary, the slower the lobe pump's speed, the weaker the self-priming ability will be.

Second, the lobe pump daily maintenance is low

The non-clogging lobe pump in the process of daily use, the staff only need to master the simple methods to be able to operate this equipment independently. The company's main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers.

Three, the lobe pump wear-resistant ability

A high-quality non-clogging lobe pump, in addition to the need to have a strong self-priming ability, but also need to have a certain strength of wear-resistant ability. Abrasion resistance is actually very important for lobe pump because the equipment will rub against the equipment itself after contacting the material during operation, and this time it will produce friction, so you need to choose a lobe pump with strong abrasion resistance.

Ace's non-clogging lobe pump are not only highly wear resistant, but also have a good self-priming capability, which has been recognized by many customers in the industry. So if you have a need to buy a lobe pump in the near future, you might want to consider a professional brand like Ace. Choosing such a brand not only allows you to buy high-quality equipment, but also enjoys excellent after-sales service.