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May 14, 2022 View:

How much is a sludge rotor pump

The sludge lobe pump has a wide range of applications, and there are many manufacturers producing this sludge lobe pump, so how much does a sludge lobe pump cost? I believe that more people still care about the price, sludge lobe pump is relatively higher, but the specific see price also depends on the specific model, and the specific brand, the specific quality. So don't blindly listen to the price without looking at the quality when choosing, so what are the advantages of sludge lobe pump?

lobe pump

One, strong wear resistance

The rotor of the sludge lobe pump is made of all nitrile rubber, with a steel skeleton inside, and The rotor of the sludge lobe pump is made of nitrile rubber with a steel skeleton inside, and is formed in one time. The inner wall of the sludge lobe pump is hardened to protect the liner from wear. The shaft is made of alloy steel and does not come into contact with the media, so it is extremely wear resistant.

II. Easy to maintain

Because the cover of the sludge lobe pump is separable along the axis of the pump shaft, the jaws and shaft assembly can be removed without removing the piping, and then all parts of the pump can be well maintained, which is not possible with any other pump.

Three, the direction of rotation is interchangeable

The structure of the sludge lobe pump is completely symmetrical, so the pump's inlet and outlet are interchangeable, and the pump's outlet is determined by the power steering, so the inlet and outlet can be switched at will.

Fourth, not easy to clog

The sludge lobe pump runs synchronously on both shafts, and the two rotors mesh with each other so that the sealing cavity formed is large enough to pass particles and fibers, so it is not easy to clog, or become entangled.

In short, there are many factors that determine the price of how much a sludge lobe pump costs, and it is felt that the most important thing to look at is quality.