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May 14, 2022 View:

How much pressure can a lobe rotor pump have

Guide: The lobe lobe pump is used frequently in daily production and is widely used in the wastewater treatment industry, with the advantages of stable operation, easy maintenance, and high cost performance, many people do not know much about the pressure of the lobe lobe pump, so let's take a look at how much pressure the lobe lobe pump can have.

lobe pump

In fact, there are many different pump types of lobe lobe pump, and different pump types can lead to different maximum pressures. Here we list a few lobe lobe pump types that are commonly used in practice to get an idea of their pressures.

The RDC30 pump, with a standard connection of DN65, can reach high pressures in daily use, typically 20 bar; the RDE250 pump, with a standard connection of DN200, can also reach 20 bar; the RDC50 and RDE360 pumps have slightly lower maximum pressures than the above two pump types.

In addition, pumps with a maximum pressure of 8 bar are often used in practice, including the RDC70 with a standard connection of DN100, and the RDE990 with a maximum pressure of only 8 bar.

So how much pressure a cam lobe pump can have is determined by the different pump types, and the advantages of using a cam lobe pump are very obvious, with high efficiency, which can well reduce the cost of electricity in industry. The cost of electricity is generally only one quarter of the time it takes to get the cost of purchasing the lobe lobe pump equipment, so it is very widely used.