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May 14, 2022 View:

How rubber rotor pumps are used in sewage treatment plants

Rubber lobe pump are now being installed in many wastewater treatment plants to do their work. The next step is to answer this question. The next step is to answer this aspect of confusion with you.

lobe pump

1、Sewage transfer

Everyone should know that there are a lot of sewage in sewage. It should be understood that there are a lot of impurities in the sewage. The company's products are designed to meet the needs of the market. If the general equipment is used, it is likely that these impurities will cause problems such as winding. Then this time you can install a reliable rubber lobe pump. This type of equipment is characterized by superior filtration performance and prevents the problem of entanglement. The use of this equipment can easily carry out the transfer of sewage and improve efficiency,

2. Sinker

How is a rubber lobe pump used in a sewage treatment plant? In addition to carrying out sewage transfer, it can also reach the role of removing sand and gravel impurities and other sink ponds. Because of its superior self-priming ability and wear resistance, the rubber lobe pump can operate more efficiently. It also has a simple structure and does not require a large footprint for installation and operation, so it is more flexible in use.

3. Application in sludge thickening

What are the other performance advantages of the rubber lobe pump? It can also contribute to sludge thickening in wastewater treatment plants. Because the rubber lobe pump is a reversable, no clogging problem and long-life wear-resistant equipment. Therefore it can be used in gravity thickening tanks and mechanical thickening tanks.

The above is a brief explanation of how rubber lobe pump are used in wastewater treatment plants. Of course it has many more performance advantages, and in short it is excellent equipment that can play a significant role in wastewater treatment.