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May 14, 2022 View:

How should the lobe type double rotor pump be selected?

In various industries such as petroleum and chemical industry, the use of lobe type double lobe pump is relatively widespread. Generally speaking, this general-purpose machinery is butler with independent intellectual property rights, and the products are developed and designed to be more practical. Today, let's talk about how to choose cams double lobe pump together? What is the best model to choose?

globe pump

One, choose according to flow requirements

The flow and head of a lobe double lobe pump are different, and different companies have different requirements for the flow and head of a double lobe pump. The requirements are different for different companies for the flow and head of the double lobe pump, so it is important to choose according to your actual requirements when making the purchase and selection. At the same time, attention should be paid to the fact that the double lobe pump can save power while working without damaging parts and the machine is functioning properly.

Second, choose according to the volume requirements

The volume and weight of the lobe type double lobe pump are also various models. When choosing, you can select those with smaller volumes. This kind of weight is light, easy to operate, and will not be laborious to use. The cost of construction will also be cheaper and more cost-effective. No matter how large and heavy it is, it performs better.

Three, choose according to the performance requirements

For something corrosive, you can choose to use a lobe type double lobe pump, because this type of pump has a strong resistance to corrosion. The pump is not easily cavitated during use. So, when choosing, you can choose based on this performance.

The above is an introduction to the problems associated with the lobe type double lobe pump. Needless to say, this double lobe pump is still relatively good and can be fully functional at any time. When buying, just choose the appropriate model according to your requirements.