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May 14, 2022 View:

How to apply rubber rotor pump in general in what aspects

At present, there are many manufacturers in the market who are actively working with rubber lobe pump equipment because it can be used in a wide range of fields and can provide a more powerful effect, so how is the rubber lobe pump applied? In which areas are they generally used? The next step is to take a brief look at it.

lobe pump

One, more suitable for sewage transfer

For many of the rubber lobe pump is now more and more widely used because it can play a powerful effect in the sewage treatment plant, that is, the sewage will be properly transported, filtered. The sewage is reasonably conveyed, and the filtration performance is relatively excellent. The structure of the rubber lobe pump is also relatively simple, the operation process is not very complicated, to prevent a large number of impurities into the community ready.

II. Strong sink role

The use of rubber lobe pump in sewage treatment plants is very important, he can achieve a very strong role in removing impurities such as sand and gravel, but also has a superior ability to own, so you can achieve the role of sink, and can carry out efficient operation. At the same time, the structure of the equipment is relatively simple, there will be no complicated operation, and it is more flexible in use.

Three, it can be used for sludge thickening

Secondly, the use of rubber lobe pump can also help in sludge thickening, because rubber lobe pump equipment can be effectively reversed, long life, basically no big clogging problems, can be safely used in the thickening environment.

In response to the above, there may be a general understanding of the applications of rubber lobe pump, which are widely used for sludge transfer in wastewater treatment plants, as well as for the role of sink ponds, and also for sludge thickening, all of which are good demonstrations of performance. There are many more areas of its operation, and it is an excellent equipment that can be chosen by everyone.