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May 14, 2022 View:

How to choose a high viscosity rotor pump will be more comfortable

There are many industries that have high viscosity solutions, and these solutions need high viscosity lobe pump to be transported well, and there are many high viscosity lobe pump on the market now, with varying quality, and different lobe pump are needed for different industries. First, let's look at how to select a high viscosity lobe pump? What are the characteristics of a good lobe pump? Let's look at how to choose a lobe pump according to your needs.

lobe pump

I. How to choose a high viscosity lobe pump

When choosing a high viscosity lobe pump, you should choose a different lobe pump according to the range of use, if it is used in the petrochemical industry it is If used in the petrochemical industry to deal with oil, should use fluorine rubber, if in the municipal sludge sewage treatment can use nitrile rubber, if used to deal with chemical solutions should use stainless steel lobe pump, so can be used according to different uses of different lobe pump, because different rubber for high viscosity solution is not the same role, only according to the corresponding needs to use in order to reach the transport The only way to transport high viscosity solutions is to use them accordingly.

Two, strong corrosion resistance

Nowadays, many lobe pump have strong corrosion resistance, in fact, in addition to the corresponding corrosion resistance, they should also have high temperature and high pressure resistance, because many solutions nowadays are not only viscosity problems, but also high temperature and high pressure, and there are strong corrosive solid particles, so the product should have the above characteristics in order to The product should have these characteristics to be used.

Three, the advantages of high viscosity lobe pump

Now many high viscosity lobe pump advantages are very obvious, mainly in the ability to smoothly transport the liquid, and very little vibration, low noise, do not affect the surrounding environment, and strong self-absorption ability, wear are relatively small, long service life, can save a lot of costs at the same time can also improve efficiency.

The above is a brief introduction to high viscosity lobe pump, I hope you can choose different materials of lobe pump according to your actual needs when choosing, so that your conveying process is more convenient and faster and more efficient.