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May 14, 2022 View:

How to choose a lobe rotor pump what kind of selection criteria

Cam lobe pump are one of the most common products in our lives, and in fact most people may want to know how to make an effective choice when choosing this product. What are the selection criteria for the product?

globe pump

Criteria one: flow rate

When selecting a cam lobe pump, you can look at the flow rate, which is generally directly related to the capacity of all devices. The product flow rate will be more or less the same, but also can be related to the conveying capacity of all devices, when the process design will be able to have a better normal guarantee. The product flow rate will vary more or less, and the selection process will be based on the maximum flow rate, but taking into account the normal flow rate.

Selection Criterion 2: Head

All the heads required are important performance indicators from the cam lobe pump unit system, and generally the relevant signals are selected with a head amplification of about 5% to 10%.

Selection Criterion 3: Fluid

The fluid of the lobe lobe pump will also have various properties, physical properties and chemical properties in the actual construction process, physical properties such as temperature and density, and there are many solid particles in the medium. These particles contain various diameters and the content of gas products will vary more or less, which will involve the head of the entire equipment. Therefore, when choosing this product equipment, it is also important to consider the nature of the current liquid, which is one of the most important basis for selection.

What are the criteria for selecting a lobe lobe pump, which you should understand from the above, and what are the current models we can consider when selecting. Only with the actual situation to choose the right equipment for you, can bring better use effect.