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May 14, 2022 View:

How to choose a piston rotor pump and what other factors to consider

The piston lobe pump is also one of the production experienced lobe pump types, his application field is mainly in industry, generally mainly used for oil and dirt type pumping related fields. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the market. How do we go about choosing one?

lobe pump

One, corrosion resistance and high performance are the reasons for our choice

The piston lobe pump has a strong pressure capability, and the high speed operation generates a certain drainage capacity to pump the water. The operation produces a certain sewage capacity to pump out the oil and dirt, in the case of high pressure capacity rotation, and does not let this type of sewage and the essential inner wall contact, so as to reduce the corrosion of sewage on the parts, so the piston lobe pump has a strong corrosion resistance, but does not reduce his sewage capacity. The life span is greatly increased, and the longer the life span the fewer times he appears to be repaired, so many large oil and dirt evacuation in industrial manufacturing will use this pumping.

Two, the production of experienced manufacturers make us more trustworthy

Many industrial sewage in the actual installation of the situation will be a lot of problems, so in the purchase of piston lobe pump, we must consider many practical situations, once the parts will be purchased back, later there will certainly be more or less design changes. This time we need the original manufacturer to provide us with a certain amount of technical service support. So in the purchase hurry to adhere to the production of experienced manufacturers, so that we are more trustworthy, can provide us with more design services, so that we can buy piston lobe pump with peace of mind.

When buying a piston lobe pump, we have to consider the power he uses as well as the volume of the installation. It is best to try to choose parts that no longer use the actual area but can provide operation with maximum efficiency. Also production experienced design can provide us with more inspiration to make our work more efficient.