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May 14, 2022 View:

How to choose the lobe rotor pump

The general-purpose machinery and equipment of the cam lobe pump is widely used in various sectors such as petroleum, chemical industry, power metallurgy, civil and national defense, etc. After using it, the energy consumption of the pump can be reduced and the effect of energy saving can be achieved. Let's find out together.

lobe pump

The so-called reasonable selection of cam lobe pump requires comprehensive consideration of the pump unit, pump station investment and operating costs, and then prompt these to get a comprehensive technical and economic index, so that the selection on the consistent with the for later use. The specific selection method is as follows:

1. According to the requirements of flow and head, the type of cam lobe pump selected should meet the requirements of flow and head, i.e., the operating point of the pump is often kept in the range.

2. Selection according to volume and weight

The selection of cam lobe pump should also be based on volume and weight, and it is best to choose a small volume, light weight, cheap cost, and also should have good characteristics and high efficiency, so that the selection will meet the use.

3. Selection based on anti-cavitation performance

The cam lobe pump, we all want to choose a good anti-cavitation performance, good anti-cavitation performance can reduce the excavation of the pump room, but also can not make the pump cavitation, we should pay extra attention to this point when choosing.

4. Select according to the cost

Build the pumping station according to the selected pump, which involves a cost issue, it is best that you should choose the type with low engineering investment and low operating cost, not to choose the system with high and too fancy cost.

We should understand how to choose the type of lobe lobe pump, and hope that companies can buy the right type of lobe pump.