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May 18, 2022 View:

How to correctly select the lobe pump

How to correctly select the lobe pump? Reasonable determination of the operating speed of lobe pump, so that the rolling of gears and shafts avoid the meshing resonance frequency, can avoid the increase of noise. Because when the meshing frequency is close to the inherent frequency of the gear system, it is easy to resonate. The selection of appropriate vibration isolation skills can thwart the transmission of oscillations to the close structure. To this end, the lobe pump and the drive motor should be connected by a flexible coupling and installed on the same base plate to ensure coaxiality, the base plate is mounted on the elastic support, which can further improve the vibration isolation effect. Set up an expansion description cavity or accumulator on the outlet pipe of the lobe pump to absorb the pressure pulsation of the pump or buffer the sudden change of pressure in the pipeline, which is a useful means to control the noise of the lobe pump. The correct use of the lobe pump: 1, the selection of operating pressure. The additional pressure of the pump refers to the higher allowable pressure when the pump operates continuously, while its operating pressure is determined by the external load, and the life of the pump is directly related to its operating pressure. On the infrequent operation of the lobe pump, the operating pressure can be taken as the additional pressure of the pump, taking into account the different quality of goods, the additional pressure will be reduced by 20% to 30% to use. About often work in the higher pressure of the lobe pump, the operating pressure should be 1 to 2 pressure levels lower than the additional pressure of the pump. Petrochemical equipment is often 24 hours continuous operation, when the operating pressure of the pump should get much lower than the additional pressure, and the operating speed should also be lower than the additional speed. If the operating pressure of the lobe pump is adjusted too high, it will make the lobe pump operate under overload. 2, installation and trial operation. lobe pump support or flange and its drive motor should be selected with a common installation base, the base, flange or support are required to have sufficient rigidity, in order to reduce the oscillation of the lobe pump operation and noise. The motor and the lobe pump shall be connected by flexible coupling, the coaxiality is less than 0.1mm, the tilt angle shall not be greater than 1 degree. Installation of the coupling shall not be hit with a hammer to avoid damage to the lobe pump gears and other parts. If driven by pulley, sprocket, etc., bracket support should be provided to prevent the automatic gear shaft from receiving radial force. When fastening the ground screw of lobe pump and motor, the screw should be evenly stressed and reliably connected. When rolling the coupling by hand, it should feel that the lobe pump can roll easily and there is no abnormal phenomenon such as jamming, then it can be piped. The inner diameter of the suction pipe of the lobe pump should be large enough, and avoid narrow passages or sharp bends, reduce the elbow, remove the valves and accessories, reduce the height of the pump installation as much as possible, and shorten the length of the suction pipe to reduce the pressure loss. The sealing of pipe joints and other components should be outstanding to avoid air intrusion, and then control the cavitation and cavitation. Before starting the operation, fill the lobe pump casing with the liquid to be transported to facilitate the launch. If the ambient temperature is lower than the freezing point, hot steam should be introduced into the pump in advance to preheat the process before starting the lobe pump. The rotation direction of the lobe pump should be in line with the inlet and outlet of the oil. If the lobe pump is run once, or used again after a long period of inactivity, it should be run under no load or small load for one hour first. If during the run together in advance to detect abnormal temperature rise, leakage, oscillation and noise, should stop to check. lobe pump export pipeline should also be set up valve and other protection devices, so that once the pump export channel blockage, you can open the valve to unload pressure. The lobe pump that requires positive rotation, its import and export pipeline should be set up valves. 3, noise problems. lobe pump in the fluid delivery system, the liquid flow speed, flow and pressure of rapid changes, bubble breakage and alternating load are common causes of noise, transporting high viscosity liquid lobe pump is induced system noise to come from.