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May 18, 2022 View:

How to ensure the better use of rubber lobe pump

Rubber lobe pump adopts external movable and static ring mechanical seal, which can be flushed by water directly, resistant to high pressure, not easy to wear, no leakage. Small volume, large flow rate, high head pressure, suitable for long distance and high resistance quantitative conveying. Pump impeller and transmission gear separate, under normal circumstances between the rotor and the rotor to ensure a certain gap, mutual non-contact friction, will not produce metal chips pollution products, thus becoming food, pharmaceutical, daily chemical and other health industry choice. The rubber lobe pump consists of a stationary pump casing and a rotating rotor, which has no inhalation valve and discharge valve, and relies on the rotor in the pump body to act directly on the liquid in the form of static pressure, and discharges the liquid through the squeezing effect of the rotor, while leaving space on the other side to form a low pressure, so that the liquid is continuously inhaled. As soon as the electric button is pressed and the power is turned on, it will start to work normally. 1、First of all, check whether the pump parts are intact and whether the valves on the inlet and outlet pipelines are all open. 2、It is necessary to let the equipment of the next process start working first, and then the pump can be started. 3、During the operation, it should be The pump should be stopped in time to solve the problem before starting again. 4、When the whole line stops working, it should be stopped in sequence according to the process, that is, after the pump is stopped first, then stop the relevant equipment behind the pump.