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May 18, 2022 View:

How to improve the efficiency of the lobe pump to reduce the loss of energy

How can we improve the efficiency of lobe pumps and reduce energy loss? lobe pump is an energy conversion machine, the process of energy conversion must be accompanied by energy loss, and the efficiency is the measure of this conversion, how to improve the efficiency of the pump, reduce energy loss? It is necessary to clarify the loss of energy in the pump. Pump energy loss mainly includes the following three aspects: 1, mechanical loss if the liquid and the impeller before and after the cover plate and the pump cavity friction loss (also called disc loss). The proportion of disc loss is large, even up to 30% of the effective power. The test shows that the disc loss and the speed of three times proportional to the impeller, and the impeller outer diameter of five times proportional. Therefore, the larger the impeller outer diameter is, the larger the disc loss is. Although the disc loss is proportional to the third power of speed, lobe pump, but at a given head, with the increase of speed, the impeller outer diameter decreases accordingly (it can be considered that the pump speed doubles, the impeller outer diameter decreases by half), the disc loss decreases in the fifth power proportion, so, with the increase of speed, the disc loss does not increase, but decreases, which is one of the reasons for the development of high-speed pumps. 2, volume loss impeller part of the liquid through the impeller seal ring gap leakage back to the impeller inlet and not effectively used, the formation of losses. Therefore, the seal ring gap should be as small as possible, but due to processing and assembly and other reasons, too small a gap may form bias grinding or jamming, the national standards for various types of pump clearance to make special provisions. 3, hydraulic loss pump overflow part (from the inlet to the outlet) of the fluid is bound to have the speed size and direction change caused by the loss, these two parts are hydraulic loss. lobe pump to reduce this part of the loss, in addition to improving the smoothness of the over-flow parts, try to use the hydraulic model.