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May 14, 2022 View:

How to install the lobe rotor pump and what to pay attention to when using

Different pumps have their own installation and use requirements, and only a full understanding of the camphor lobe pump can ensure its correct installation and use. If it is installed incorrectly or not used with care, problems can easily arise, which may not only damage the camphor lobe pump, but also affect the efficiency. What should we pay attention to when using it?

lobe pump

I. Installation of cam-type lobe pump

The installation of cam-type lobe pump is not difficult, but some attention must be paid to prevent accidents.

The installation of the lobe lobe pump mainly lies in the correct installation of the motor, the installation of the motor must be grounded, so as to reduce the risk of electric shock when using, if the installation is wrong, it may lead to equipment short circuit.

Second, ensure a ventilated environment

Generally, pumps need to be ventilated when in use to prevent the body from overheating. A ventilated environment is good for heat dissipation and reduces the risk of fire, so it is important to ensure an open space with adequate ventilation when using a cam-type lobe pump.

Three, pay attention to personal safety

Although there are no advanced techniques or methods needed to use a cam-type lobe pump, it is important to pay attention to personal safety when using pump equipment. If you want to check the maintenance of a cam-type lobe pump, make sure to cut off the power and use insulated gloves, etc., so as to ensure basic safety.

As long as the lobe lobe pump is installed and used according to the product manual, the lobe lobe pump can be guaranteed to operate properly. When using the cam-type lobe pump, just make sure the environment is ventilated and pay attention to personal safety.