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May 18, 2022 View:

How to maintain and extend the service life of high precision lobe pumps

High-precision lobe pump is actually a rotating volumetric pump that changes the working volume through the relative motion between the rotor and the pump body, which in turn increases the energy of the liquid. As soon as the electric button is pressed and the power is turned on, it can start working. But as machinery and equipment, the usual maintenance work well done, it is not only reflected in the production is normal, more importantly, directly affect the use of machinery and equipment orders, for the pump, of course, is no exception, for this reason, pay attention to the following aspects of maintenance work. 1, seals, lobe pump seals are divided into static parts seal and moving parts seal, support the static parts seal seal ring (should pay attention to the surface should not have scratches or Bump, otherwise, for a direct impact on the sealing effect; for moving parts seal, because it will be subject to pressure size and the corrosion of the transport medium, there are many factors such as media particle wear (if a little careless, it is likely to have a leak phenomenon. Once the product leaks, should promptly shut down and overhaul, wipe with a soft clean cotton cloth, coated with a layer of glycerin, assembled, first after hand, before the machine can be turned on and used, such as repair is hopeless, should be replaced with new parts. 2, lubrication parts, the pump's transmission gear, rolling bearings, must maintain good lubrication conditions, usually, often pay attention to the gear in the oil level, give enough lubricant, and to ensure that the oil quality is pure, clean 3, electrical systems, around the electrical equipment, not allowed to store the instruments, substances or gases that damage the insulation. At the same time must keep the electric equipment in a dry environment work. If it is difficult to avoid should be added with moisture-proof facilities. 4, daily maintenance, whenever the shutdown does not work, will be based on the nature of the materials transported, the choice of the appropriate cleaning agent, the pump will be effective cleaning, and finally have to be cleaned again with water to ensure that the pump clean and sanitary.