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May 18, 2022 View:

How to solve the problem of small water output from the lobe pump

In the process of repairing the lobe pump, if the water output of the lobe pump is small, it will not only affect the ability of self-priming, but also easily cause the engine temperature to be too high under the action of pressure, thus inducing a series of problems such as short circuit. In the face of such a situation, which method should be chosen to help, may be a simple choice to see. The impeller gap in the lobe pump after a long time, it is easy to appear loose impeller and the gap between the machine itself is too large, which will not only affect the water output of the self-priming pump itself, but also cause damage to the machine packing. In the face of these conditions, it is advisable to replace the self-priming pump's housing or to better adjust the impeller's mouth ring, which is the key to help the self-priming effect to be smoothly carried out. lobe pump during the usual use of this method to help, in order to ensure that the machine itself self-priming effect has made corresponding progress and perfect. Second, replace the impeller's pipeline sometimes water flow pipeline after a long time without effective cleaning, there will be the possibility of being blocked by dirty things, through such a method to choose, it is easy to cause the risk of self-priming ability becomes poor. So regular cleaning of the inner wall of the pipe, in addition to if found too much storage, the pipe needs to be timely to do the replacement process, in order to ensure that the water effect to get improved. The company's products are designed to be used in a wide range of industries, including the automotive, medical, and pharmaceutical industries.