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May 18, 2022 View:

How to use the specific lobe lobe pump how to operate

Cam lobe pump is suitable for conveying high viscosity in 0.02 ~ 100 Pa.S temperature below 200 ℃ thick oil, crude oil, residual oil toothpaste, cosmetics, slurry food, cream, Huaiyao slip, rubber, glass fiber, asphalt, grease, ink, chemical fiber slurry of any and physical properties to ensure that the original quality is not affected in the slightest. It is also suitable for conveying various corrosive liquids containing particulate solid particles.
Operation matters:
1. Disassembly:
When disassembling the cam lobe pump, first read the manual carefully or consult the staff to understand the internal structure and disassembly steps, process flow, and operation. The disassembly of the cam lobe pump should be done carefully to prevent damage to the equipment parts.
The disassembled lobe lobe pump is carefully examined to check the existence of cracks in the rotor and the taper of the journal is qualified. The outer surface must not have scratches, the big promised value of roughness Ra is 1.6m, and whether the internal parts are worn out.
2. Repair, the parts that wear seriously should be replaced. The parts that need to be repaired, after correction should be in line with the specifications.
3. Commissioning
The hydrostatic test of the lobe lobe pump is 1.5 times of the working pressure, insist on 30min without leakage. Test run time, no leakage, normal operation sound, no abnormal oscillation, export pressure to meet the demand for qualified.
After the normal operation of the lobe lobe pump, we should observe carefully, the motor bearing condition. The motor does not heat up, 30 minutes for normal, you can let the lobe pump work normally.
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