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May 11, 2022 View:

Impeller Common Problems And Handling Methods

The impeller is to convert the mechanical energy of the prime mover into the static and dynamic pressure energy of the working fluid. However, impeller in the long operation process, there will be some failure problems, the following Ace lobe pump manufacturers for you to collate the impeller common problems and handling methods, I hope it will help you!

I. Casting defects

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1、Failure performance: runner inclusions; succulent; not smooth; trachoma; cracks; shrinkage and loosening etc.

2、Processing methods: grinding and welding can be carried out according to the actual situation, if the problem is serious, it needs to be scrapped and recast.

II. Abrasion

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1、Failure performance: The diagram shows a process pump impeller cast from grey cast iron material being worn by water containing a small amount of cement foam over a period of 5 years. The abrasion problem is more often caused by improper selection of materials or pump type by the designer, or by the process medium being contaminated.

2、Processing methods: change the impeller material; change the design scheme, change the pump type; check the process medium.

iii. cavitation

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1、Failure performance: improper design scheme; too high installation position; improper material selection, etc.

2、Processing methods: lower the installation position; change the material that is more resistant to cavitation; redesign the pump type, etc.

IV. Mouth ring hugging dead

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1、Failure performance: the design clearance is too small; the hardness difference between the front and rear orifice ring is less than 50HBW; there are solid particles in the orifice ring gap; the orifice ring is deformed, etc.

2、Treatment methods: increase the design clearance; replace the mouth ring material; check the process medium; replace the new mouth ring, etc.

V. Fracture

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1、Failure performance: caused by cavitation, corrosion, abrasion; caused by poor casting quality; caused by water hammer.

2、Processing method: Replace the impeller with a new one.

VI. Corrosion

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1、Failure performance: improper material selection.

2, treatment methods: replacement of new impeller, corrosion-resistant wear materials; impeller corrosion-resistant layer of coating; impeller corrosion-resistant layer of spraying.