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May 14, 2022 View:

Installation precautions of lobe double rotor pump

Guide: After learning about such multiple types of pumps like non-clogging lobe pump, lobe lobe pump, rotary piston pumps, etc., we already have a general understanding of pumps, we know the main application areas and main features of these pumps, as well as some things to pay attention to, and then, we will learn about a more special pump --- the lobe double lobe pump. -the lobe double lobe pump, to see what considerations it has when it comes to installation.

lobe pump

I. Before installation

Generally speaking, whether it is a lobe double lobe pump or other pumps, manufacturers will go through quality checks and performance tests after production. This is a quality assurance for us. Before installation, we need to understand the structure and type of this pump, then fully interpret the instructions and follow the above steps strictly so as to prolong its service life.

Two, when installing

1, you need to pay attention to the installation must have a horizontal surface, but also according to the measured size of digging four foundation holes, and then follow the operation of tightening the foot screws.

2. Also note that the pump body should be installed within two meters below the storage tank, and the inlet diameter must be larger than the pump diameter, so that cavitation can be effectively avoided.

3. When the pump is installed, a vacuum gauge with an instrument valve should be installed at the outlet and a pressure gauge with an instrument valve should be installed at the inlet, so that the operation of the lobe double lobe pump can be checked at any time.

Three, after the installation

After the installation of the lobe double lobe pump according to the operation, pay attention to the grounding at the motor grounding mark according to the national standard, so that it is considered to have completed its installation work.

These are some of the considerations for installing cam double lobe pump, which must be strictly followed during installation for better use.