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May 11, 2022 View:

Introduction Of The Functional Advantages Of Sludge Rotary Lobe Pump

The sludge lobe pump is based on a rubber covered rotary lobe pump and has been developed and produced to cope with sludge containing fine particles, long fibres, plastic bags and other impurities used in municipal sewage treatment plants. Its products are mainly used in the following stations.

1. Activated sludge from sewage treatment plants, domestic sludge treatment: residual sludge systems, flowback sludge systems.

2. centrifuge feeding system, plate and frame sludge feeding system.

3. paper mill pulp sludge, printing and dyeing sludge.

Functional advantages of sludge lobe pumps.

1. The rotor is made of rubber, the structure is symmetrical, the conveying direction is reversible, only the driving direction needs to be changed, positive rotation can be pumped, reverse rotation can be flushed.

2. The regular and wide inlet allows media with viscous or solid particles to pass through long fibres, plastic bags, hair and other household waste.

3、No need to divert and irrigate the pump, clear water self-priming height up to 9 meters, horizontal transport 800 meters.

4、No flow pump shaft, pump shaft design pump shaft and the transport medium do not contact, so that the pump shaft is not corrosive. And the pump shaft is made of high-strength materials to ensure the stability of the pump operation.

5、No need to remove the pipeline, no need to lift the device, online replacement of accessories. The pump cover can be opened by unscrewing the nut on the pump cover, allowing online access to overflow components and wear and tear parts without moving pipes and other related connections.