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May 11, 2022 View:

Introduction To The Characteristics And Technical Requirements Of Sludge Reflux Pumps

Sludge return pumps, also known as rotary lobe pumps, are specialised equipment for mixed liquor return, reverse pinning deamination and ammonia removal in secondary sewage treatment plants and can be used to pump purified water during surface water supply and drainage. Today Ace will work with you to understand the characteristics and technical requirements of sludge reflux pumps.

Features of sludge return pumps.

1. Specially designed for high efficiency according to micro-head and high flow rates.

2. Resistant to blockage and entanglement and reliable in use.

3. The use of new sealing materials, which allow safe continuous operation for more than 1000 hours.

4. Compact structure, easy to install and maintain.

5、The host adopts, medium pressure forming structure, small volume, high precision, corrosion resistance and no noise.

Technical requirements for sludge return pumps.

1、The sludge return pump rotates smoothly and freely, without jamming, stagnation, vibration, etc.

2. Sludge return pump for sealing air pressure test, test pressure is 0.2Mpa.

3、The sludge return pump adopts double mechanical seal structure and lip seal structure, the mechanical seal is guaranteed to operate reliably within 10,000 hours without replacement.

4、The cable leading from the sludge return pump adopts YZW type rubber sheathed flexible cable or other cables with the same performance, and the cable sealing head adopts special vulcanization treatment to prevent water from seeping into the motor due to breakage of the outer skin of the cable.

5. The sludge return pump is equipped with a seal leakage protection device in the oil chamber.

6、The two-coloured wire (yellow/green) in the cable leading from the sludge return pump is specified as the grounding wire and the connection is reliable. The grounding mark is obvious and not easily worn out during the service life.