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May 11, 2022 View:

Is A Lobe Rotary Lobe Pump Suitable For Self-Priming Applications

Recently, many customers have asked if a rotary lobe pump can be used for applications requiring self-priming. Ace rotary lobe pumps have a high self-priming capacity and can be self-priming up to 9 m without pumping.

Why are Ace lobe pumps so self-priming?

This is mainly because Ace rotary lobe pumps use a three lobe spiral rubber covered rotor, a pair of rubber covered rotors closely occlude the pump cavity of the rotary lobe pump, in operation, forming a vacuum, the medium in can achieve the process of self-priming through the action of atmospheric pressure.

In addition, the rubber covered spiral rotor is corrosion and abrasion resistant and is widely used in processes such as oily sewage lifting, oil sludge scum pumping, steam and diesel unloading, sedimentation tank sludge pumping, centrifuge feeding and manure straw conveying.

In addition to this, the rotary lobe pump has the following characteristics.

1、Short overflow chamber flow, small contact area between medium and pump casing interior, short contact time, effective control of fittings consumption.

2. Multiple flange connections.

3、Easy to maintain design, if you need to replace the parts, without removing the pipeline, motor premise, open the pump cover can complete the replacement of wearing parts.