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May 11, 2022 View:

Know These Rotary Lobe Pump Selection Is Not So Difficult

A rotor pump is a pump that changes its working volume through the relative movement between the rotor and the pump body, which in turn increases the energy of the liquid. A lobe pump is a rotating displacement pump with positive displacement properties, whose flow does not vary with back pressure.

Generally speaking, for the transport of liquids of different viscosities, lobe pumps have unparalleled advantages over other pumps. However, when transporting liquids, it is not only a matter of viscosity, but often accompanied by high temperatures, high pressures and sometimes corrosive, or containing solid particles. For this reason, when choosing a lobe pump, the following points must be noted.

I. Data required for selection

1. Flow rate, head, pressure, temperature, cavitation margin, suction range and other process data requirements.

2, the lobe pump rotor material has rubber material, 304L, 316L material, etc., need to provide the customer with the specific name of the media to determine the appropriate rotor material.

Second, the requirements of the lobe pump

1, the flow of the liquid being transported, the selected pump for the viscosity of the applicable range.

2、For occasions with metering requirements, the selected pump has good performance stability when viscosity and other process conditions change.

3. The back pressure of the system, the applicable range of pressure of the selected pump.

4. Suction performance, suction performance at high viscosity.

5、High temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, etc.

6、Simple structure, easy to disassemble, cleaning and maintenance, etc.

III. The nature of the liquid conveyed

1, for the lack of lubricity of the liquid, the pump is required to have a certain gap or make contact surface is small, because under load to avoid excessive friction and wear, the lack of lubricity of the liquid form no oil film.

2. For liquids containing abrasive solids, the selection should take into account that the solid particles in the transported suspension will not cause jamming or excessive wear.

3, for liquids with soft solid particles, the selection should take into account that the pump has a clearance suitable for such solid particles, without causing damage to the particles.

4, for the shear stress sensitive liquid, the selection should be considered when the pump has a gentle action, and so that the liquid is not high local shear stress. Usually choose a lower speed pump.