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May 18, 2022 View:

Lobe lobe pump is mainly applied to that occasion

It is especially suitable for conveying low viscosity, high concentration and all media containing particles, which are very easy to froth during the whole process. The raw materials conveyed by it maintain their original quality without any physical or chemical reflection.

Product advantages:

1, the application of the actual effect is very good

A variety of pump applications are very common today, because the transportability can have a very very good indeed, produce a very smooth practical value, and mentioned the application of the lobe pump price, this kind of pump made performance structure is good, the choice of spiral three-lobe design scheme to make, with a smooth The operation is also vacuum pumping, and the use value of the application is ensured.

2. The actual advantages of the machine and equipment

There are very many fields that must be applied to the price of the lobe pump, the use of this type of machine and equipment application value is very high, the most important is actually very good because of the advantages of the application, in the application of the whole process, can reflect the corrosion resistance, wear resistance, high compressive strength, the application of smooth and other practical effects, so also by several The application is carried out in several fields, and the practical value produced is very good.

3. Many characteristics of the application

In order to better ensure that the actual effect of the application of the lobe pump price can be popularized, the application characteristics are also able to add more concern, all normal conditions, this kind of machinery and equipment in the application of the situation, will show the sealability of the transport of the application, plus also has the ability to work with high efficiency operation, long-term operation is not a problem, in addition to also have Smooth wear resistance, the application of a long service life, durable.

Applicability of cam lobe pump:

Daily-use chemicals

AES, LAS, AOS, MES, K12, glycerin, sorbic acid, fatty alcohol, shower gel, skin cream, shampoo, hand soap, toothpaste, soap, laundry powder slurry, etc.

Fine chemicals

Dyes, pigments, various pastes, chemical additives, adhesives, silicone oil, leather oil, various colloidal materials, etc. Food

Chocolate, condensed milk, yogurt, honey, cane sugar, tomato juice, fruit juice concentrate, jam, ice cream, milk, yeast slurry, meat pulp, jelly, condiment, wine lees, soy protein, flour slurry, etc.


Polyacrylamide (PAM), calcium carbonate, starch paste, carboxy butyl/propylene latex, rosin, rosin glue, pulp, filler dry strength agent, wet strength agent, sizing agent, retention aid and filter aid, defoamer, coating, water treatment chemicals, etc.

Chemical fiber

Viscose pulp porridge, PVA, vinylon pulp, acrylic pulp, amine pulp, polyester chips, polyester, polypropylene, artificial fiber, functional fiber, etc. Pharmaceuticals

Various kinds of ointments, infusions, pharmaceutical emulsions, pill pastes, syrups, health products, pharmaceuticals, etc.


Paints, coatings, inks, insulating paints, resins, auxiliaries, organic solvents, etc.