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May 11, 2022 View:

Manure Sewage Rotary Lobe Pump Daily Operation Precautions

In general, lobe pumps in must ensure that the parts are intact to ensure the safe, efficient use of the equipment. Ace has compiled some notes on the operation and use of manure sewage lobe pumps below, which we hope will be of help to you.

1. Seals. The seal of the rotary lobe pump is divided into static parts seal and moving parts seal. The sealing ring of static parts should be careful not to have scratches or bruises on the surface, otherwise, it will directly affect the sealing effect; for the sealing of moving parts, because it will be affected by the pressure size and output medium corrosion, as well as the influence of many factors such as the abrasion of particles in the medium, if a little carelessness, it is likely to have a leak site. Once the product leaks, it should be stopped in time for overhaul, wiped with a soft clean cotton cloth, coated with a layer of glycerin, and assembled before it can be turned on and used. If it cannot be repaired, it should be replaced with new parts in time.

2, lubrication parts. For manure sewage rotary lobe pump transmission gears, rolling bearings, must maintain good lubrication conditions, usually, often pay attention to the oil level in the gears, give enough lubricant, and to ensure that the oil quality is pure, clean, but also regularly (six months or a year) to replace a new oil.

3. Electrical systems. Around electrical equipment, no instruments, substances or gases that damage the insulation are allowed to be stored. At the same time, electrical equipment must be kept in a dry environment, if it is difficult to avoid it, moisture-proof facilities should be added.

4. Daily maintenance. Clean the rotary lobe pump effectively whenever it is shut down and not in use.

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