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May 11, 2022 View:

Manure Transfer Pump Bearing Maintenance Methods

lobe pumps as manure transfer pumps in the use of the process of bearing maintenance is also very important, today Ace lobe pump's will introduce you to the bearing maintenance methods and dismantling when the attention of the problem.

lobe pump

1, the new manure pump put into use, generally after 100 hours of operation must be replaced grease (oil), after every 500 hours of operation to replace 1 time.

2, the use of grease lubrication flowing bearings, after 1500 hours of operation, should be replaced grease, filling the amount of oil should not be too much or too little, because too much or too little grease will cause the bearing to heat up, the amount of refueling is generally mastered in the bearing room volume of 1/2 to 2/3 is appropriate.

3、For bearings lubricated with oil, the oil quantity should be added to the specified position.

4, Sheng lubricant or grease container to clean, usually should be sealed well, there should be no dust, iron chips and other debris, so as not to damage the bearings.

5, motor bearings generally use sodium-based grease, the characteristics of this grease is able to withstand high temperature (125 ℃), but easy to dissolve in water, so it can not be used for pump bearing lubrication.

The above is the maintenance method of non-standard transfer pump bearings, I hope it will help you!