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May 14, 2022 View:

Metal rotor and rubber rotor how to do the correct choice

Guide: In the current domestic market, there are still more types of lobe pumps, so choose different types according to different types of work, of course, the choice of rotor type is more important, from the rotor material to classification, the lobe pump can be divided into, metal lobe pump and rubber lobe pump, how to choose the correct choice of these two materials of lobe pumps?

lobe pump

First of all, metal lobe pump are relatively inexpensive to produce, but for some special media materials, they are not suitable for oil fields or rubber lobe pump. The metal rotor is not suitable for the oil field, or the printing and dyeing industry, such harsh conditions, the metal rotor and the pump is between zero contact, so it also causes the self-priming ability of the lobe pump is very poor, then the efficiency of the volume is relatively low, but also limit the outlet pressure of the pump. The rubber lobe pump can make full use of the high elasticity of rubber, so it can achieve a better fit, which can greatly improve the self-priming ability and volumetric efficiency of the pump.

Secondly, the structure of the rotor can be divided into linear and twisted lobe type. The twisted lobe rotor has smaller pulses and smaller amplitude compared to the linear segment during operation, and combined with the unique, high elasticity and expansion of the rubber lobe pump, then it can be more perfect to reduce vibration and noise.

Finally, because of the space constraints of the working site where the lobe lobe pump is used, it is necessary to see whether the lobe pump is compact enough to occupy a smaller space area, as well as to better maintain the structural space, then the installation of the pump cover that can be opened quickly in the case of site constraints, then these aspects of rubber lobe pump do The Rubber lobe pump does a good job.