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May 11, 2022 View:

Must See Some Of The Rotary Lobe Pump Installation And Operation Instructions

The Ace lobe pump is a self-priming volumetric pump with a strong self-priming force, which can be turned forward and backward and is suitable for loading and discharging scenarios, as well as in the field of sewage treatment where backwashing of the filter membrane is required. In addition, special devices such as safety valves and insulation and cooling can be configured for different working conditions, thus realising different working requirements.

Here are some installation instructions from the Ace lobe pump manufacturer! We hope you find them helpful!

I. About lubrication

1, in the lobe pump before starting should be through the oil sight glass to check the gear cavity lubricating oil level, the oil level should be in the middle of the oil sight glass, the gear cavity lubricating oil must be replaced every year or running 5000 hours.

2. The liquid in the intermediate isolation chamber must cover the shaft above, and the small hole above the intermediate isolation chamber must be kept clear and forbidden to be sealed. When there is process liquid flowing out of the small hole above the intermediate isolation chamber, it means that the mechanical seal has failed.

3, each time the rotor is replaced the intermediate isolation cavity must be checked, when replacing the mechanical seal must be flushed clean cavity before filling with new liquid, the liquid must be replaced every one year or 5000 hours of operation.

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II. Installation instructions

1. Ace lobe pumps have a self-priming function. To avoid cavitation, the lobe pump should be allowed to work under backflow conditions as far as possible, or the self-priming height should be reduced as far as possible. When the suction lift is high or the inlet pipeline is long, ensure that the cavitation margin of the installation is at least 0.5 m greater than that required for the lobe pump. when the suction lift exceeds 5 m, a check valve must be installed at an appropriate position in the pipeline. Especially when conveying gaseous fluids, it is important to prevent air bubbles at the inlet of the lobe pump. If there is no way to avoid air bubbles, install a venting valve at a suitable location in the pipework close to the lobe pump.

2, it is best to install compensation devices between the lobe pump flange and the system piping, such as rubber flexible joints or bellows joints, etc., to eliminate the impact of system piping vibration on the lobe pump and the additional stresses acting on the lobe pump due to changes in physical factors such as thermal expansion and contraction. In short, the inlet and outlet flanges of the lobe pump should not be subjected to system loads.

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III. Test drive

The following items must be checked individually before commissioning.

1、Check the lubricating oil level. 2、Check that the flanges and connections are well sealed and leak free. 3、For quick connect flanges check that the fastening device is secure. 4、Check the steering of the drive motor.

The rotor and the inlet and outlet structure of the Ace lobe pump are completely symmetrical. The lobe pump can rotate in forward or reverse direction and changing the steering of the drive motor can change the direction of the media output. When commissioning, please work in the specified steering.

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IV. Abnormal diagnosis

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