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May 11, 2022 View:

Non-Clogging Rotary Lobe Pump Daily Use Precautions

The reason why the non-clogging lobe pump can operate normally depends mainly on the normal use of the equipment and standard maintenance, which must strengthen the three-level inspection system of the equipment, find abnormalities or hidden faults and deal with them in time to ensure the safe, reliable and stable operation of the non-clogging lobe pump. The following Ace lobe pump for you to collate the daily use of non-clogging lobe pump precautions, hope to help you.

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First of all, the non-clogging lobe pump must be started under no load, before starting the lobe pump into the liquid, the liquid discharge valve all open, moving normal gradually adjust the valve, so that the amount of liquid to reach the required value, not allowed once that is adjusted to the rated amount of liquid. The lobe pump should not be suddenly shut down under full load, but must gradually reduce the amount of liquid before shutting down to avoid damage to the lobe pump. During normal operation, the staff should carry out regular inspections every shift, focusing on checking whether the bolts in each part are loose, whether there is oil leakage in the lubrication parts, whether the bearing temperature at both ends and the lobe pump casing temperature are normal, etc., and make records of the inspections. Regularly check the lobe pump lubrication and cooling system pay attention to the quality of lubricating oil, listen carefully to the lobe pump operation whether there are noises, in order to judge the operation of the rotor shaft and impeller.

Secondly, the overload or abnormal operation of the non-clogging lobe pump is gradually reflected, there is a quantitative process, we should always pay attention to the inlet and discharge pressure of the lobe pump, the temperature rise of the bearings and the operating load current of the lobe pump motor. If the above parameters fluctuate, a comprehensive diagnostic check of the lobe pump should be carried out and dealt with in time to avoid further expansion of the fault. Regularly carry out an overhaul of the lobe pump every year, timely check and adjust the clearance between the impeller and impeller, impeller and shell, impeller and wall plate, if the clearance exceeds the permissible range, it should be adjusted by experienced maintenance personnel, prohibit random adjustment, ensure the rated liquid supply of the lobe pump, ensure the safe operation of the lobe pump and maximize the service life of the lobe pump.

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