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May 11, 2022 View:

Non-Clogging Rotary Lobe Pump Produces Violent Vibration Cause Analysis

Non-clogging lobe pump in the initial test process, because it can not be fully applicable to the actual working conditions, after put into use, the pump body may produce violent vibration, noise exceed the standard and other faults, which is specifically what causes it? Today Ace lobe pump 's will take you to analyze together.

Analysis of the causes of wear on the main shaft and rubber rotor bushings.

(1) Non-clogging lobe pump in the process of operation pump suction volume is not enough that the actual flow is less than the design flow of the pump, or during the operation of the pump for a long time in the state of no media idle and dry grinding.

(2) The pump contains impurities in the conveyed medium.

(3) The existing rotor is a bushing made of graphite, which has poor wear resistance.

Severe heating of the pump body and gearbox.

After a period of pump operation, especially in the case of high external temperatures, the temperature of the pump body and gearbox rises rapidly, necessitating intermediate shutdown measures, which seriously affects efficiency. The reasons for this may be.

(1) Severely damaged rotor friction.

(2) The gearbox lubricant viscosity is not enough, and the lubricant is constantly thrown out from the mouth of the sealing cavity, causing the gearbox to have less oil and lack of oil.

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