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May 14, 2022 View:

Non-clogging rotor pump applications

Guide: Non-clogging lobe pump are also known as colloidal pumps, lobe pumps or trilobe pumps, in addition to the market it is sometimes called a universal transfer pump. This shows that the market for non-clogging lobe pump manufacturers is still relatively wide, for the vast majority of manufacturers make difficult sales bottlenecks here basically okay. So, what are the main industries where non-clogging lobe pump are applicable?

lobe pump

1、Chemical industry

Used in the chemical industry for The transfer process of dyes, solvents, and some polyester compounds is very reliable. The non-clogging lobe pump are selected accordingly for the material above the needs of different occasions.

2. Drugs

The non-clogging lobe pump manufacturer's professionals say that the materials used inside the non-clogging lobe pump can effectively guarantee that the cleanliness of the drugs will not be affected.

3. Cosmetics

For the production of cosmetics, an integrated production approach is now emphasized. The non-clogging lobe pump here is very much in line with the manufacturer's expectation of this integrated production method, which is currently used more in various cosmetic industries.

4. Fruit concentrates

For example, the production of pudding, jam, Guodong, ketchup and other types of products, non-clogging lobe pump are preferred.

5, food and beverage

Pig bone various kinds of beer, soda and chocolate and other food production, non-clogging lobe pump can efficiently constitute the vacuum degree, discharge a certain pressure. This is for hygienic media and corrosive, high viscosity some food, the speed of transport does not occur because of the food itself to reduce.

In summary, the sales market for non-clogging lobe pump manufacturers is very broad. The company's products and services are available in a wide range of sizes and sizes.