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May 14, 2022 View:

Non-clogging rotor pump features in what specific aspects

Guide: When it comes to lobe pump, many people may not know about it. It is not common in our daily life, and it is mainly used in industrial production. It is a machine mainly used to transfer fluids, and it is widely used in the food field and chemical industry. The common lobe pump are lobe lobe pump, piston lobe pump, non-clogging lobe pump, etc. Each lobe pump has its own advantages. Today, below, we will mainly talk about non-clogging lobe pump and see what features this lobe pump has.

One, in design

The non-clogging lobe pump is mainly used for conveying fluids in various industries such as food, medical, dye, chemical, etc. Its main task is to convey. Its main task is to convey. Generally speaking, non-clogging lobe pump can have workstation installation and mobile installation. The workstation installation can be installed directly with larger materials, which can eliminate the delivery process for each job. If it is a mobile installation, it has to be designed to be compact, because some places that need to be operated are relatively narrow, so make sure it can go in and implement the operation.

Two, in terms of material

The material used is cast iron or stainless steel type material, from this point on, its pump body is relatively strong and not easy to be destroyed. In addition, it is also made of corrosion-resistant material, which effectively reduces the risk of corrosion and breakage when draining and pumping, and also reduces the actual operating costs.

Three, in terms of operation

Both non-clogging lobe pump and other types of lobe pump use fast, convenient and efficient engines and pumping machines, which can significantly improve efficiency and save working time during operation. This is also a major manifestation of mankind's technological progress, speaking of practical use and technology combined to form items that benefit people's lives.

As you can see, it can be seen that non-clogging lobe pump are very distinctive, which is why they are widely used and well-received by users.