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May 14, 2022 View:

Non-clogging rotor pump is what it has what advantages

The specific types in the lobe pump manufacturing industry are more than a few, but very many of them are not particularly familiar to you, but today to introduce you to a better use of the brick pump, it is a non-clogging lobe pump, he is more convenient to use compared to other lobe pump, and also better performance, the following will give you the advantages of it.

lobe pump

1, no clogging of equipment

Although the pumping power of lobe pump is generally very good, there is still a possibility that the over-cavity fluid is clogged when the medium particles are large. The non-clogging lobe pump's overflow cavity is basically free of clogging, and it can be set according to specific needs, the limit value is 70 mm oh.

2, low speed, long service life

In the lobe pump, low speed also means that its rotor life is relatively long, which can also be simply understood as the equipment can be used for a long time, non-clogging lobe pump operating speed control is relatively low, to ensure that the efficiency of the case, to better extend the life of the rotor.

3. The volume is relatively small

Most of the equipment in the factory is large, which also means that it requires a large space, while the volume of the non-clogging lobe pump is relatively small, because it is designed to be compact, so it does not need to take up too much space even if it is installed on the ground, which can effectively reduce the space cost, and the equipment is relatively easy to use and does not require It is also easy to use and does not require long hours of manual operation, which can reduce time and labor costs to a certain extent.

The non-clogging lobe pump is described above, and it may be a good choice for projects with large waste particles to avoid clogging.