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May 11, 2022 View:

Notes On The Selection Of Pig Manure Pump

The pig manure pump is also a rotary lobe pump, which uses a fully rubber covered rotor, resistant to wear and tear, non-clogging, non-surrounding, with the advantages of small size, compact structure and easy to carry. However, Ace reminds everyone that when choosing a pig manure pump, the following points need to be noted.

1, pig manure pump before use, must first check whether the cable connection is correct, whether the cable is damaged, in strict accordance with the requirements of the manual for wiring inspection.

2. Use suitable protectors (e.g. earth leakage protector, air switch, phase break overcurrent protector, etc.) Do not use the gate switch for direct connection.

3, check whether the pig manure pump is correctly connected to electricity, and determine whether the steering is correct, if the steering is not correct, the three power lines in the arbitrary two can be connected (note that the working time can not exceed half a minute).

4、Fit the main sub-pump outlet joint and the wire-lined rubber hose (or iron pipe).

5, if found in the work of pig manure pump, there is not turn, protector tripping, fuse blown and other abnormal phenomena, should immediately block the power supply, check the power protector wiring and other problems if these external equipment are normal, that may be pig manure pump failure, at this moment should not continue to use to avoid the onset of accidents!

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