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May 11, 2022 View:

Notes On The Use Of Petroleum Pumps

Petroleum pumps have the characteristics of dry turning, simple structure, good self-priming performance, strong sewage capacity, high efficiency and energy saving, easy to use, can be operated in both directions, etc., and can transport viscous or abrasive media. So, what matters do we need to pay attention to when using petroleum pumps? Today Ace lobe pump 's will tell you.

I. Use in accordance with product instructions

Before using a petroleum pump, make sure you read the product manual to understand the structure of the product and the operating steps. Follow the operating steps so that you can use the oil pump correctly.

II. Regular maintenance

To always grasp the situation of the use of oil pumps, you can refer to the oil pump manual on the parameters, if the actual test data is not quite the same as the reference data, the difference is too large, we must pay attention to the early inspection, to find problems and solve them.

III. Timely maintenance in case of problems

In the use of oil pump if there are problems, must be timely repair, to find professional and technical personnel to repair, if there is no professional and technical personnel, you can contact the manufacturer, manufacturers will have professional and technical personnel, can help customers repair the oil pump, so that the oil pump back to work.

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