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May 11, 2022 View:

Notes On The Use Of The Rotary Lobe Pump

The lobe pump is composed of a rotating rotor and a stationary pump body. It has no suction and discharge valves, and the relative movement between the rotor and the pump body is used to change the working volume and to discharge the liquid by the squeezing effect of the rotor, while leaving space on the other side to form a low pressure so that the liquid is continuously drawn in.

The following points need to be noted in the use of lobe pumps.

1, lobe pump in the process of operation, should pay attention to the motor power and pump operation, there are abnormalities should stop the pump to find the cause.

2、The mechanical seal should be free from leakage and heat.

3、Pump with packing seal, allow 1~3 drops per minute, if the leakage increases slightly tighten the material ring can be, no need to disassemble.

4、When using mechanical stepless transmission, gradually adjust the speed according to the digital display after switching on the machine, it is strictly forbidden to rotate the speed regulating disc when stopping, otherwise it will damage the induction reducer.

5, the use of frequency converter speed control can use manual frequency regulation and automatic control of two methods.

6, often check the heat of the pump and motor, when the pump is in the water-cooled state, the bearing temperature rise is 40 ℃. When the pump is in the hot water insulation state, the bearing seat temperature is allowed to be 30℃ higher than the pump body temperature.

7、The flow rate should not be adjusted by the valve of the inlet pipeline to avoid cavitation and vibration of the pump.

8、When the pump is in operation, it is strictly forbidden to close all the inlet and outlet valves.

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