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May 18, 2022 View:

Notes on the installation and use of spiral lobe pump

Spiral lobe pump adopts the design of elastomeric spiral rotor, which is a spiral rotor with metal skeleton covered with special rubber. The pump has a straight performance curve with a constant flow rate, and the pump achieves a speed between 50 and 500 rpm by means of a geared motor. The special design of the rotor spiral angle allows the inhaled medium to have a yield area, and the design of the positive and negative spiral angle ensures that the chamber volume corresponds to the lobe pump operation, reducing the pulsation of the pump as well as mechanical losses. At the same time, the lobe pump using elastomer spiral rotor has strong self-priming ability, and the self-priming height can reach 8-9 meters.
The following we come together to understand spiral lobe pump installation and use precautions:
1. Dry rotation should be prevented to avoid serious wear
Single screw pump such as cut-off dry rotation, because the rubber stator will be burned because of dry friction instant high temperature when the material is broken. After the first use or disassembly and installation should be filled with liquid to the pump, the work should be strictly prevented from sucking empty, also need to make the pump save liquid when stopped.
2. Three screw pump suction line must be installed with 40-60 mesh filter, suction oil surface should be higher than 100mm above the suction pipe mouth.
Conveyed medium if mixed with solid debris will cause damage to the fittings of the screw pump, especially the rubber stator, so when the screw pump work to ensure that no debris into the pump body, the new pipeline of welding slag, rust and other solid impurities should be removed to keep the liquid discharged clean, timely cleaning of the filter, work with abnormal sound, should immediately stop to check.
3. The pipeline must be cleaned before installation to prevent foreign matter from damaging the stator and rotor and causing blockage.
4. The diameter of the pipeline should match the diameter of the pump as far as possible. A too small inlet pipe diameter will cause insufficient feeding of the pump, which will in turn affect the discharge volume and output pressure of the pump. It will cause the vibration of the pipeline and early damage to the stator; and the small outlet diameter will cause unnecessary loss of outlet pressure.
5. For the shaft seal with mechanical seal, attention should be paid to the introduction of fresh water, lubricating oil or other coolant.