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May 18, 2022 View:

Overview of the working characteristics of sludge handling lobe pumps

Qinping Machinery rotor lobe pump is a self-priming, valveless, positive displacement pump. Through two parallel two shafts driven by synchronous gears running relative to each other, the air in the inlet is discharged so that a vacuum is formed for the medium to be sucked in, and the medium in the continuously running chamber is pushed to the outlet end. The pump conveying direction can be reversed by changing the direction of rotation, thus realizing the purpose of a pump conveying in both directions.
Characteristics of lobe pump
①Abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance: protective liner, three-leaf rubber covered rotor
②Sealing design: mechanical seal design, highly integrated pump body
③The principle of volumetric pump: can dry rotate in a short time, low speed, high pump efficiency
④Easy maintenance method: in-line start type pump cover, no need to remove pipeline
⑤ Good adaptability: loading frequency converter can achieve precise flow control and stable, can meet the working condition requirements.
What are the technical features of lobe pump treatment in oily wastewater?
1. FPM rubber material is used to cover the rotor, the material itself is resistant to oil corrosion and abrasion
2. Three lobe spiral type, no clogging of the conveyed medium
3. The shaft sleeve is corrosion resistant, the shaft is not in contact with the oily wastewater
4. With strong self-priming ability, it can be mixed with gas, liquid and solid conveyance
5. The mechanical seal is independently lubricated and cooled, allowing 30min of dry running.
Special designs are available according to customer needs.