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Apr 20, 2022 View:

PPG pump from Ace without leakage trouble


After 45 days production time, today we successfully test and deliver a PPG pump (polyether polyol transfer pump) which has the capacity of 250m3/H. Below are the photos for the pump at Ace factory and PPG manufacturer.

lobe pump



lobe pump



The end-user will use the pump to transfer polyether polyol. In their old production, centrifugal pump and gear pump were used, which had big leakage problem and impeller wearing. Ace offers its 4th Generation Rotary Lobe Pump (click here to learn more about the pump), which works with low rotation speed and good seal reliability, to help customers increase production efficiency and ensure safety.



With the gradual increase of environmental awareness, customers have higher and higher requirements for special pump devices in the chemical industry. Ace Industrial Lobe Pumps are to be found in numerous processes in chemical industry, where their reliable low shear flow characteristics are ideally suited to the transfer high viscous, high solid, high temperature and corrosive liquid products. Ace is committed to using the latest and innovative technology to improve the pump performance and the seal reliability, thereby helping customers increase production efficiency and ensure safety. Below are the main applications in chemical industry Ace lobe pumps work.


lobe pump


Fine Chemicals: Dyes stuffs, pigments, chemical additives, adhesives, polyether polyol (PPG), silicone oil, leather oil, a variety of colloidal materials and pulp, Paint, dope, printing ink, insulating paint, resin, additives and assistants, organic solvent, etc.

Paper-making chemicals: cooked Starch, coating Pigments, anti-foaming agents, CMC, polymers, starch Slurry, specialty chemicals, emulsions, resins, retention aids, sizing agent, flocculating agent, dry/wet strength agent, softening agent/softener etc.

Petrochemicals: Thick oil, heavy oil, crude oil, bitumen, grease, lube oil, catalytic agent and other viscous liquids.

Chemical fibers: Pectic slurry, PVA, spandex slurry, vinylon slurry, Acrylic slurry, polyester slice, terylence, polypropylene fiber, rayon, functional fiber etc.