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May 14, 2022 View:

Petroleum and petrochemical field rotor pump has requirements

Pumps occupy an important position in petrochemical refinery units. Pumps are the most used transmission equipment in petrochemical production units, transporting various liquid media such as crude oil, refined oil, chemical raw materials, intermediate products and finished products to other places. China's petrochemical industry is developing rapidly, and the demand for pump varieties and quantities is increasing. At the same time, domestic pump manufacturers have vigorously introduced technologies or joint ventures with well-known foreign manufacturers to produce and continuously digest and absorb them, introducing many new pump models with high efficiency and stable and reliable operation. ace is actively developing lobe lobe pump to meet the requirements of different working conditions according to market demand.

lobe pump

From the development of petrochemical industry, the development of lobe pump should follow the development needs of petrochemical technology:

Firstly, it should meet the process requirements, which can be pumped, can be dry

Ace production oil chemical unloading pumps are very typical process applications in the petrochemical process, where the media will be entrained with gas during the evacuation and discharge process, and Ace lobe pump are well designed to ensure that the pump can be dry rotated for a short period of time to ensure that the pump is not damaged during evacuation.

High temperature resistance. The materials used in chemical pumps for transporting high and low temperature media must have sufficient strength and stability, whether at field temperature, normal room temperature, or at the temperature of the transported media. At the same time, all parts used in pumps are at risk of withstanding shocks and the resulting differential thermal expansion and cold embrittlement.

Corrosion resistance. Most of the media conveyed by pumps for chemical applications, which include raw materials, intermediate products, products, and other liquids, are corrosive. Once the pump material is not selected properly, during the pump work, the parts will fail due to corrosion by the medium and cannot work properly.

Abrasion resistance. Chemical pumps convey media, including raw materials, intermediate products, products and other liquids, most of which are corrosive. Once the pump material is not selected properly, in the process of pump work, the parts will fail due to corrosion by the medium and will not work properly. The suspended solid particles contained in the high-speed liquid flow will cause wear and tear on the chemical pump. Once the chemical pump is worn and damaged, it will intensify the corrosion of the pump by the medium.

The second is to improve the safety and reliability of operation, extend the continuous operation cycle, and make maintenance work as simple as possible

The reliability of chemical lobe pump operation mainly includes two aspects: one is the long-cycle operation without failure; the other is the smooth operation of various parameters during the process. Reliable operation is essential for petrochemical production. If the pump fails frequently, it will not only cause frequent shutdowns and affect economic benefits, but also has the potential to cause safety accidents in petrochemical production systems. At the same time, the special nature of certain media requires the lobe pump to be able to transport the critical state of the liquid. In the northern region under some conditions, when encountering temperature rise or pressure drop, the critical state of the liquid will usually vaporize. Chemical pumps sometimes also need to transport critical state of the liquid, if the liquid in the pump vaporization, it will cause cavitation damage. Such a situation requires chemical pumps to be highly resistant to cavitation and explosion-proof.

Third is to improve efficiency and save energy

To avoid media leakage and improve efficiency. Most of the liquid media conveyed by chemical pumps are explosive, flammable, toxic, etc., and some media even contain radioactive elements. Once these media in the pump leak into the atmosphere, it is likely to start a fire, affect environmental health or harm the human body. In addition, some of the media are expensive and leakage can cause great economic losses. ace self-developed the perfect solution to the leakage problem of lobe pumps. At the same time, Ace lobe pump can choose variable frequency motor according to the working condition, which can transform the operation direction of lobe pump and facilitate flexible adjustment of working condition.