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May 14, 2022 View:

Piston rotor pump selection model reference three standards

Piston lobe pump come in different models, each with its own unique range of applications. In fact, the most important thing most people may want to know when choosing these products is the product selection criteria. There are various ways to choose the best piston lobe pump for you, and we have to master them when choosing.

lobe pump

Reference criterion one: flow rate

The flow rate of a product like a piston lobe pump is a very important reference criterion because the flow rate of this product will be directly related to the capacity of all the units The flow rate of this product is a very important reference standard, because the flow rate of this product will be directly related to the production capacity of all devices and the final delivery capacity. In these actual production processes, the process design of the product is basically also considered to be more important and can be calculated through the relevant process design, while also taking into account the normal flow rate, which can be chosen as the maximum flow rate when there is no maximum flow rate.

Reference 2: Head

The head of the device system becomes an important criterion for selecting a piston lobe pump, and generally speaking, the head is enlarged by about 5% to choose the right model for you.

Reference criterion three: the nature of the liquid

The nature of the liquid covers a wide range, in fact, whether from the point of view of the physical or chemical properties of the liquid, more or less, will have a series of effects on the signal selection of the piston lobe pump. If you want to consider the physical properties, you have to take into account the temperature and density of the entire product, but also the annual or other factors of the product. These factors all relate to the head of the system, but if one were to consider it chemically, one would take into account the chemical corrosiveness or toxicity of the liquid medium.

What are the selection criteria for piston lobe pump reference? Through the above introduction, I believe you know to choose the right piston lobe pump according to your needs on the three aspects of flow, head, and the nature of the liquid.