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May 11, 2022 View:

Precautions Before Starting A Piston Rotary Lobe Pump

In general, the following points need to be noted before starting a piston lobe pump.

1、The inlet of the piston lobe pump should be equipped with a filter, usually the maximum particles through the filter is not greater than 0.1mm.

2. Check that the piston lobe pump unit and the connecting parts are firmly fixed. Check whether the connection of the suction pipe section as well as the instrument connector is sealed.

3, check whether there is a certain clearance between the piston lobe pump coupling and strictly control the alignment of the two shafts, the runout of the outer circle of the coupling should not exceed 0.05mm, and the runout of the end face of the coupling should not exceed 0.1mm.

4. The piston lobe pump should be filled with working medium before the first start.

5、Check whether the suction valve on the inlet line of the piston lobe pump and the discharge valve on the discharge line are completely open.

6、Turn the piston lobe pump coupling by hand, feel the screw rotation should be uniform, light and fast, there should not be any rotation barely or stuck and other phenomena.

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