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May 11, 2022 View:

Reasons For Choosing Rotary Lobe Pumps For Oily Wastewater Self-Priming Pumping Process

The oil substances contained in the oily wastewater include natural petroleum, petroleum products, tar and its fractions, as well as edible animal and vegetable oils and fats, etc. The composition is more complex, therefore, for the treatment of oily wastewater you can choose a lobe pump that is wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant. The main reasons for this are.

1. Solves the problem of corrosion and wear

The fluoroelastomer covered rotor used in the rotary lobe pump is chemically capable of coping with a mixture of dirty oil, sewage and flocculent media, while experiments with the rotary lobe pump manufacturer's formulations have resulted in an effective extension of service life.

2、Solves the problem of self-priming, no need to fill the pump

The rubber lobe pump can reach a self-priming capacity of 9 metres with guaranteed outlet pressure, self-priming when switched on, a linear relationship between flow and speed, and a high efficiency of 75%.

3. Solving the problem of pulsating vibrations

Low rotor speed (50-650 rpm) for smooth conveying and a spiral rotor design for low shear conveying.

4、Solve the high comprehensive costs at a later stage

The rotary lobe pump is maintained online, the pump cover can be opened in the work station to complete the wearing parts as well as overhaul work, the pump is highly efficient and the standard motor power used is relatively small, which saves manpower and capital costs in the process of use.